Monday, March 1, 2010

Organizing Organizing...

I finally hung a few pictures in the took me a very long time to decide on this...
Jarrod put our cute guest bed together and I put together this side table. I can't say I recommend Better Homes & Gardens after the 3 hours it took me. I should have stuck with the fail safe Weirs. But this will definitely do for now!

This is my new lil table runner, but you can't actually see it too well. It's paisley, which is one of my favorite things.
This is our new TV console that we got after MUCH consideration. Everything that goes into the house tends to become a very big decision, but we are happy with our choice :) Also, that is my new favorite show Bones that is on! I'm an addict.

and BOOM... my new organized laundry room. I love those under the shelf baskets---they are awesome!!! And look at that skinny little thing I found for between the washer and dryer-genius

This weekend I ventured to one of my favorite places---The Container Store. That place has got something for any type of organizational problem. period. It is amazing. So I got my laundry room all put together. The other pics are just from my gradual organizing of the new casa. I still have a guest room full of stuff that I have no idea what to do with. I figure, eventually, it will be put away :) Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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