Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall 2014

Fall is here! That means our sweet lil' nugget is almost 2! Unbelievable. She has been helping me decorate the porch. I think we might be adding pumpkins on a regular basis. The weasel loves her some pumpkins. 
One of her new favorite activities is showers with mommy. It is A LOT more convenient for me! It's also much sweeter ;)❤️❤️❤️

Look how sweet she is...
Sometimes Minnie has to eat with us. It usually ends in a real mess for the mouse.
I might be taking toooo many pics bc she also loves to say "cheeeeese"📷📷📷

She had her 1st haircut. The mullet had to go. It actually looks better, I was real worried. We waited a long time for this child to grow hair.
Sweet girl reading books with mommy📔

Favorite quotes of the moment.
"It kiiiiinda hot"
"I need want that"
"Myyyy Ours"

Friday, March 28, 2014

I guess I blinked too long...

Putting away baby clothes as your little one outgrows them is one of THE most emotional things to me.  I wish time could slow down sometimes because this little girl sure won't. In 1 month she will be a 1.5 years old.  I can barely believe it.  I am now shopping for toddler clothes and all things "baby" keep slipping further into the past.  I can't imagine having a better phase in my life than her infancy. We have been incredibly blessed by this little ball of energy.  I am excited to watch her grow.  Everyone tells you how fast it goes by, but I didn't want to believe it... 

37 weeks, a few days before her birthday!

Day 1

Week 1

Week 6 in Santa Fe

4 months

5 months

6 months

9 Months

Friday, December 6, 2013

One week after the birthday, we had the one year appt.  So, that was dreadful.  I believe she had 4 shots, possibly more.  I might have mentally blacked out from all the screaming.  It was not cool.  She also had to do a finger stick, allegedly this is all standard.  We survived, she got a sticker, and I got the heck out of there.  I don't have her percentile's, but basically she is tall, regular weight, and good size head.  We have had a lot of night time cough issues.  We just started using a nebulizer and it seems to be helping.  She has not coughed the last 2 nights. Fingers crossed.  

Waiting to see the DR.

VERY curious

Back home and smuggling pumpkins, her favorite activity.

I turned 1 and immediately learned how to throw a fit.  It's super.

Sleeping after a thanksgiving feast
Playing at gymnastics

Again, pumpkin smuggling.

Another favorite activity. Swinging!

Exploring the new car seat

I think you like it a lot more.

Snuggling with mommy

Being a sweetie with your pumpkins

Playing :)

Brooke's 1st Birthday

Well, now that I am a month late, I thought I would share some pics of Brooke's 1st birthday party.  I cannot believe my sweet baby is 1.  It has been the most amazing year and she is THE biggest blessing I could have ever dreamed of.  She is full of personality and still super busy.  No surprise there.  We had a great celebration and were so happy to have friends and family to share it with. She is loved. If we do nothing else right, I hope we do everything right by her.

Monday, October 14, 2013


We took Brooke to Pumpkinville at the Myriad Gardens this Sunday and we had such a great time!  The weather was so nice.  She walked into the Children's area and started squealing and running--then immediately tripped and got a raspberry on her forehead.  After a quick recovery, she proceeded to run around squealing at every thing.  She had so much fun.  We also had lots of fun showing her all of the ducks down by the canal, but I can't locate a picture at the moment.  I tried to make a couple collages, but I am not sure I used the best program for blogs.  I am not high tech.  I also put some pics below the collages of our trip to Orr Family farm pumpkin patch.  We went with some girlfriends on Friday and had a lot of fun.  Time to find something for next weekend!! I LOVE FALL!!!

Top of the candy corn tower with Daddy

Orr Family Farm

First Carousel ride

eyes closed, but very excited baby

Picking out pumpkins with Greta

She loved this, I was nervous and prob squeezing her too hard...

How do I eat it???