Friday, December 6, 2013

One week after the birthday, we had the one year appt.  So, that was dreadful.  I believe she had 4 shots, possibly more.  I might have mentally blacked out from all the screaming.  It was not cool.  She also had to do a finger stick, allegedly this is all standard.  We survived, she got a sticker, and I got the heck out of there.  I don't have her percentile's, but basically she is tall, regular weight, and good size head.  We have had a lot of night time cough issues.  We just started using a nebulizer and it seems to be helping.  She has not coughed the last 2 nights. Fingers crossed.  

Waiting to see the DR.

VERY curious

Back home and smuggling pumpkins, her favorite activity.

I turned 1 and immediately learned how to throw a fit.  It's super.

Sleeping after a thanksgiving feast
Playing at gymnastics

Again, pumpkin smuggling.

Another favorite activity. Swinging!

Exploring the new car seat

I think you like it a lot more.

Snuggling with mommy

Being a sweetie with your pumpkins

Playing :)

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