Monday, May 23, 2011

Billy Bob's

We went out Friday night to see Ryan Bingham.  He is quite the skinny, rugged country singer.  He has this huge, deep voice, which comes out of a very small small man.  It is quite impressive.  See his link:

The Potter's came to town sans baby Emmy, but they added a Rob to make up for it.  It was a great night out in the Ft. Worth stockyards with some of our best friends.  I even got to rock my cowboy boots that Jarrod gave me 2 years ago today at our wedding.

Time Flys!

Scott and Jarrod

Me and Emmy, and my super cool stamp that says I'm legal----it has been a while since I had one of those...

Waiting for the show to start with the husband

What people with Iphones do while waiting ....  I'm bothered..

I somehow missed getting a picture with Rob in it, but he was there and he amplified the fun.

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