Monday, August 8, 2011

Vegas, Baby!


A) WAY too smoky for long term habitation. The Sign is still Great!

B) The sparkly lights and Bellagio fountain barely outweigh my disdain for the people on every corner handing out very seedy cards....
View from Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Paris

C) I am terrible at gambling.....and I only played slot, quarter ones. I found other sources of entertainment, though.

D) Jarrod also stinks at gambling. Maybe worse than me.

E) I like to get all dressed up and go out to fancy dinners.  That was pretty much my highlight.

F) Aquariums are fun, no matter where you are really.


Best Good Friends


GRILLZ (In honor of shark week)

G) Hoover Dam is unbelievable

H) The ride at the top of the Stratosphere is MUCH scarier than it looks.  If you ever find yourself contemplating getting on it...don't.  See below picture.  I may have cried...a touch...
This is me, terrorized...

(The zip line in old Vegas, far less scary)
That's me, with the perfectly pointed toes!!

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Joyce said...

You are a hoot. Love your blogs!!