Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I locked myself in the study while trying to print a recipe...The computer was running slow and making me cranky...but this cheered me up :) Here I am having a tasty bowl of dinner, Rigatoni with mini meatballs. Very Tasty. I know my outfit is awesome!
Look how pretty it turned out! This recipe was from a new favorite website, smittenkitchen.com

You must go to it immediately and check it out. It is great and this was delicious. It was made even better with a glass of wine :) (Thanks Rapps)


Tara said...

Dinner looks yummy! Jarrod and the puppies are so cute in that picture! Can't wait to see your new home. It looks beautiful! Love you!! ~Tara

Joyce said...

I finally figured out how to be a follower!! Aren't you impressed?

AHicks said...

I am impressed I figured out how to enable comments!!