Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is my Favorite!

 The stockings were hung by the mantle with care...

and lots, and lots, and lots, of consideration.  I somehow made the decision of stocking hangers into a larger than life task.  I looked at 100 before I decided on silver pinecones.  I have no idea why I became so obsessed with this decision...this just happens to me...

The wreath is all pinecones!

When the camera is charged, I may need to add some close ups ;)

New glittery Christmas cone trees! Love them!

I got this door hanging 2 years ago at an office Christmas party. I will now always look at it and think of my niece.  She saw it and had this to say :  "I LOVE your decorations aunt Amy" She is 5, but did, in fact, sound like she was 30.  It was pretty stink'n cute.  Especially since 5 minutes earlier she had been doing her best puppy dog impersonation.  

We would like to thank Juan for illuminating our roof.  He showed up 3 days late and 2 hours earlier than scheduled, but he got it done.  I really want a lot more lights, but this will do for 2010!

I was just about to get a close up of my wreath when the camera battery died.  I may have to make another Christmas post soon!  I also need to get some pictures of my Christmas trees!  

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the HICKS family!

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