Monday, January 3, 2011

Post Christmas Happenings

 Madeline, Owen, and Jarrod jumping rope.  It's pretty cute to watch Owen running around being a "big" boy.  He is so independent these days.
 Owen and Jarrod :)  I love this pic.  I love these two handsome guys so very much.

I should have taken pictures of the dinner we had at the Rapp house this night.  It was so good.  I am hoping that, eventually, if I watch enough of  The Food Network and The Cooking Channel I will learn to cook as great as my brother-in-law.  

I should probably make this a separate blog, but that is more work than I am interested in tonight.... so group two of pictures will begin below!
My friend Lisa came into town over the holiday.  She moved to San Francisco this time last year.  We had such a great girl's dinner a couple nights before she headed home.  We went to a new restaurant, Whiskey Cake, which was pretty tasty.

The french fries were AMAZING.  In my opinion.

This picture is of Lisa and Yazzel.  Beautiful friends, inside and out :)

 Wendy & Lisa taking a non-posed picture....

didn't really work out.... funny little posers, though...
 That's a tasty burger I am about to try.  Such a flattering picture of me :) bahahaha

This pickle on top, by the by, is very spicy.
Me and Cindy!

Great food, great friends, great times!

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Yazzel said...

Ohhh your blog is too cute! I enjoyed reading it and looking at your pics. Love you tons!