Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Holiday

This would have been a good 3 day weekend to take a trip, but we did not plan that far in advance.  It was a very lazy and somewhat boring weekend.  Saturday was basically broken up by going out to eat.  I must say, there was a lot of eating the entire weekend really.  Sunday we decided that we HAD to go do something.  One of the wonderful things about Dallas is having many options on such a weekend.  We decided to be tourists in our own town.  We have both always been interested in the JFK museum in downtown, but had not been.  It seemed a very fitting thing to do the day before President's day.  I am not going to lie and say there were no slow moments during our time at the museum, but overall it was quite interesting.  I am very glad we finally did it.  Having so many things to do at our fingertips is definitely one of my favorite things about living in the Dallas area.

Here is a link to the 6th Floor Museum:

Classic tourist picture 

The grassy knoll

The square window in the upper right hand corner at the end of the row of rounded windows is the window from which shots were fired....unless you are into conspiracy theories...

Another classic tourist picture....I love them

Okay, this has nothing to do with the museum.  but what is this  shack?  It was just hanging out in the middle of downtown with no information.  I want more information.  

I cannot get into the shack. It is very sad.

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MiKe said...

Didn't I see you at the grassy knoll? :)

I enjoyed the whole thing when I was there too. There were a couple of "slow points" that really made me lose track of what I was doing but I do remember enjoying it very much!