Monday, January 23, 2012

Organization Nation

I am on an organization kick, primarily in my kitchen.  It seems I am already outgrowing my kitchen cabinets.  I still have a lot to do, but so far these gadgets are really helping me save space.  There are so many things in life out of your control, that sometimes it is cathartic to organize & improve the things you can!  OCD is not always a bad thing :)

This instant shelf from Container Store is a major improvement on our coffee/tea station.

Sur La Table had these great Good Grips compartments.  You choose your sizes and hook them together  to best accommodate your drawer.  My kitchen "junk" drawer looks 10 times better!!!

I found these spice rack organizers on my other new addiction Pinterest.  They were so easy to stick on my pantry door. The random spices I have accumulated over the years are much easier to locate.  It seems my traditional spice rack must be missing a lot of things!!!

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