Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby GIRL Hicks

How far along: 21.2 weeks

Size of the baby:  Around 10.5 inches long. About the length of a carrot.

Total weight gain/loss: I had only gained 2-3lbs at my 19 week appointment. My doctor said it was fine, but since then my nausea has finally vanished and I am having fewer food aversions.  I predict that at my appointment later this week I will have gained closer to a total of 7-8lbs.  I definitely feel like I have had a growth spurt in my tummy! I need to start getting on our elliptical now that I am feeling better, I am off the wagon with exercise right now.

Maternity clothes: None so far :)  I am hoping to avoid them as much as possible.  My friend Lisa gave me her Belly Band and I now officially need it with my jeans.  Otherwise my shorts and dresses are working quite nicely for now.  I am not sure how long I can rock the Belly Band with Jeans, but I am hoping a few more months at least!

Cravings: I haven't had a ton of cravings, really.  I am constantly thirsty, no matter how much water I drink and I think my sweet tooth is going a little crazy.  I am trying to keep that in check.

Symptoms: At this point I think a lot of the negative symptoms have passed.  I get tired more easily than normal and have to make sure and not stand up to fast because I get dizzy/lightheaded.  I am just happy that around 18 weeks all the nausea finally subsided!

Movements: I feel kicking a lot.  The flutters started 2-3 weeks ago and have continued to get more intense.  Jarrod was finally able to feel one kick this weekend.  This baby seems to be active already.  

Gender predictions: It IS a GIRL!!! We are super excited, but would have been either way ;) It is amazing how soon they start predicting at the OB office.  At one of my first sono's, around 13 weeks, they already thought it might be a girl.  I didn't know for sure until my 19 week appointment.  Now I can't stop looking at cute baby girl clothes!!

21 weeks with the scarf :)

21 weeks without the scarf!!! Good Grief!

We went to Guymon last week to visit our newest nephew, Rhett David Hicks.  He is so sweet.  I can't wait for Christmas when there are 2 babies to hold!

Me and sweet baby Rhett

My first babies, not 100% sure how they will do with the human baby.

This is the beautiful quilt that my friend Hannalie is making for baby girl.  LOVE!
I think this baby is going to be quite spoiled.

We feel so blessed and cannot wait for our journey as parents to begin.  


Shelby said...

Yay for a baby GIRL!! She will be one pretty little lady! You look adorable and I am fairly certain that my stomach is bigger than yours right now! :)

Joyce said...

Can't wait to have another little diva in the family. It will be lots of fun!

Dana Tomlinson said...

Hope to follow your blog lAll the way to the end stay healthy love you