Monday, July 30, 2012

Milestone 24

How far along: 24.3 weeks

Size of the baby:  The size of a corn on the cob or cantaloupe, allegedly.

Total weight gain/loss: I think I have gained around 12 lbs total at this point.  

Maternity clothes: I have gotten some longer maternity t-shirts from target for work, otherwise none.  The belly band is probably only going to last another few weeks.  I think with my dresses I can push it until September before I have to buy anything else.  Finger's crossed!!

Cravings: I am still just really, really thirsty.  Jarrod did bring me a sour grape snowcone one day that I now want occasionally.  There is a sour spray at our fave stand that they will add to any flavor.  It is phenomenal!!!!   Otherwise, nothing exciting.

Symptoms: I am feeling good these days.  I do get tired much easier than normal and have a much earlier bedtime now. I feel pretty much like a geriatric.

Movements:  She is kicking up a storm.  We can just watch my stomach and see it bounce all over when she is being active.  It startles me every once in a while she is so strong.  I jumped in my seat at a wedding this Saturday because, I swear, she round house kicked me. 

23 weeks after Church last week

24 weeks at a wedding this past Saturday

Excuse the poor quality of the pictures!! We really have to figure out what camera we are going to buy before too long.  The iphone quality is not cutting it.  If you have any recommendations, let us know!!  I need something that isn't too incredibly high tech or I won't be able to work it :)

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