Thursday, November 15, 2012

2 Week checkup!

     We forgot to take a picture at our first official 2 week checkup, but below are pictures of Brooke at her 1 week checkup a few days after we came home from the hospital.  It was just a quick appointment to make sure jaundice wasn't a concern.  She was 6 pounds at that point and jaundice was not a problem, thankfully.
     We went back today for her 2 week checkup, she is 16 days old!!! That does NOT seem possible.  She got A+'s from the pediatrician all the way around.  She was up to 6# 6oz, which is 1oz above her birth weight.  As far as percentiles go, she is "petite" :)  We LOVE our pediatrician and have been blessed to have a very good baby.  
     Brooke Olivia slept through the night for the first time right at 2 weeks, which is amazing.  She has done it twice now! Per our doctor, 2 weeks is the mark that we no longer have to wake her up for feedings.  She is on her own, perfect, developmental clock.  I am quite impressed.  She is sleeping less during the day and eating more frequently, which I think is probably a good sign that her circadian rhythm is adjusting.  We are hoping she continues to be such a great sleeper at night time! Fingers crossed!!

On my way to the 1 week checkup! 
Mommy and Brooke at the 1st Pedi appt.

Daddy & Brooke at the 1st Pedi appt. 
Sleeping in the bassinet during week 1 
Discovering how wonderful the Nap Nanny is!

Sweet Girl, week 2

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