Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Home Stretch!

Here are the final pregnancy pics!  At our 36 week appointment Brooke was measuring perfectly and I was 2-3cm and things were looking good.  Our Dr. predicted a baby around 39 weeks.  It turns out everything came together just in time for our Halloween baby! 

36 Weeks
37 Weeks

At 36 weeks we went on our last big outing to Ft. Worth to my friend Erin's wedding.  It was such a fun time because so many of my old friends and co-workers from Presby Dallas were there.  Knowing there are over 20 Labor & Delivery nurses and a few obstetricians at a wedding makes a pregnant girl feel safe!  It was a beautiful wedding and the bride looked lovely---I wish I would have gotten a pic with her!!
My handsome wedding date
Some of my old Presby Girls and some new ones
Our glider came in right at 37 weeks and Jarrod put the crib together that same weekend.  It is looking pretty cute at this point.  We are still working on getting a few things framed and hung on the walls, then I will post more pics.  

Jarrod hard at work!
I was relieved to see it looking more like a nursery! 
Enjoying my new glider-Thanks mom!

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