Wednesday, January 23, 2013

12 week weight check

Congrats baby Brooke! You did not get labeled failure to thrive! You actually weighed in at a nice 9 pounds 7.5 oz, which is quite the jump from 2 weeks ago at 8 pounds 3 ounces.  We are very excited. We have been feeding you a little more than most babies at your age to help you catch up.  Since you are doing so good on the current routine we are just going to stick with it.  A full baby is a happy baby!

We got a new bouncy seat with an activity bar that Brooke LOVES.  It keeps her occupied and happier in the evenings, which is when she is typically fussier.  This is helping immensely.

You have been sleeping through the night lately, which is always good.  Last night you woke up at 3am with a dirty diaper, but who wouldn't?

Friday will be Brooke's first day with our awesome friend Heidi.  We feel incredibly blessed to have a friend taking care of her while we are at work.  I know she will be safe, loved, and have minimal exposure to  viruses!  Last night Heidi sent me a pic of her daughter Katy writing Brooke a welcome message on her chalkboard.  So cute! I bet both of Heidi's girls wish they weren't going to be in school most of the day.

Here is a little video of Brooke enjoying her Little Lamb crib mobile.  It is so sweet!

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Joyce said...

Love it!!! So glad she had a great check up!