Saturday, February 16, 2013

Growth Spurt

I think that a couple weeks ago when Brooke slept 12 hours straight she must have been saving up her energy so that she could enter this exhausting growth spurt.  It could be worse.  She goes to sleep before 8pm, gets up at 12am/1am and again around 4am.  This is not my favorite.  She eats and goes right back to sleep, but it is making us so tired.  I am sure she is exhausted too because it can't be easy on a little body to grow and learn so much in such a small amount of time.  She sure doesn't seem as tired as we do, though!  We have both had colds too, so that does not help.  Luckily Brooke does not seem to be getting the cold.  Fingers crossed!

On a better note she is now sleeping in her crib with no Nap Nanny and no swaddle.  She decided that she wanted her arms free the beginning of the week.  Every time I got up with her at night she had used her ninja skills to get her arms free.  So, I just let her keep them out and that was that.  It takes her a little bit longer to get to sleep because she isn't sure what to do with all that space yet, but once she is out she does just fine.  It is so cute to see her sleeping with those arms up above her head.

Yesterday she rolled over on her side.  I think she will roll all the way over soon.  Every time I put her on her tummy she immediately starts screaming, so that is not ideal.  I am not too worried about her lack of tummy time because she seems quite strong to me and I think she will do it on her own time.

She is growing so fast.  I swear every day this week she has looked bigger.

Bath Time Beauty

Smiley girl

I love this rabbit rattle!

I sent this video to her Daddy earlier this week because she was getting so excited! Such a kicker!  Her feet look huge to me!

Our Sweet Valentine

Bright Eyes

On my side!!!

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Joyce said...

So cute! Would love to see everyone. I love the bath photo.