Saturday, March 2, 2013

4 Months!

These last 4 months have flown by with the exception of 3 long weeks during February.  The growth spurt weeks! Gotta love those!  This girl wanted to eat twice during the night for far too many days, which these spoiled parents were not used to.  This week, thankfully, she went back to sleeping 8-10 hour stretches at night again.  

She needed all that food to chunk up to her new weight of 12 lbs 6 oz :)  That puts her in the 15th% for weight, she is now 45th% for height, and 75th% for her noggin.  Those are all HUGE jumps from her 3 month appointment.  She has almost outgrown her size 1 diapers and is sleeping in size 2 diapers.  We have nighttime size 2 diapers on the way via Amazon b/c she sleeps so long a regular doesn't quite suffice.  All of her 3 month clothes still have plenty of room, but her 0-3mos things got packed away.  She is our growing girl!  

She is also dropping her evening fussy hours for the most part.  She has typically been tricky from 4ish-7ish(bedtime).  But now she does pretty good until after 6.  Overall she is a happy girl, and she is ALWAYS our sweet girl even when she gets cranky :)  Our friend Heidi who watches her while we are at work said it best when she called her a "little Hot Tamale" when she gets impatient.  So funny. We can usually anticipate what she needs, but with bottles it has been tricky to predict.  If I make her a 6oz bottle, she takes 4.  If I make her a 4oz bottle she wants 6.  So, now she gets 5oz bottles all day and a bigger bottle before bed.  This seems to be working.  

I think the favorite part of our day is when either of us goes in to get her when she wakes up.  She sees us and just gives a HUGE gummy grin.  Melts my heart.  It is THE best way to wake up.  We also get her into giggling fits a couple times a day which is SO cute.  You are VERY loved Brooke Olivia, very very very loved!

Doing her best daddy impersonation!

This pic really shows what a train wreck Brooke's hair is right now.  Few could pull this off: bald spots, 2 crowns, comb over, .....

I don't hate this tummy time quite as much now.  Thank goodness!

Toes, toes, toes! 
Such a smiley girl these days!

Blue Eyes

Serious face

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