Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Day of First's

Today was a VERY big day for us.
(I am very glad she saved it for after work)

1) Held her bottle for an entire feeding.
2) Rolled over, no proof b/c she was over it by the 5th time when we decided to get the recorder out.
3) Ate cereal from a spoon, pretty well.

She is pretty much ready for college....

I am somewhere in between happy and sad.  Happy because she is growing and getting smarter, but sad b/c I cannot stand her getting bigger and not being my little tiny baby.  I guess she can't be a newborn forever.  It goes so fast. Way too fast.

Here are some cute pics from the last couple weeks.

 Nugget enjoying bath time, out growing her bathtub, "sigh"

She tries REALLY hard to get her feet in her mouth.

Beautiful St. Patrick's Day girly

Propped up in Mommy's bed

Hanging with Mateo at Benihana

Being SO good at Benihana

Giggles in her crib

180 maneuvers every night

Today chugging her bottle

lil toad

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Joyce said...

She is so cute! She's getting so big. Can't wait to see her.