Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 months, 3 weeks late...

So, I actually took these pictures on time when she turned 5 months.  I was just slow at getting them posted.  Since we took professional 6 month pictures today, I decided I should get it together and post these!  A LOT has changed in 3 weeks.  When I took these she was not sitting on her own, now she is, she was not eating baby food, now she is.  She is a BIG fan of the baby food.  She was waking up 2x a night, now she is finally sleeping through again.   She was 14 lbs, now she is 16! How on earth is she growing so fast???
She is definitely making up for lost time.  

Clearly, Jarrod and I are not professional photographers. I can't wait to see her 6 month pictures! 

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