Wednesday, May 15, 2013

6 Months!

Here is what our little cupcake has been up to this month:

*Rolls over from back to stomach during sleep, wakes up annoyed, but too exhausted to roll back over to her back.
*Eats 1.5 containers of baby food plus a large helping of cereal.
*Down to 4 bottles a day, most days.
*Laughs hysterically every day when she sees daddy walk in the door from work.
*Is working on cutting her bottom teeth, I think we are close--feels pretty sharp now!
*Enjoys our 45min-1hr family walk most nights, but keeps falling asleep on us.
*Does not like car seat, which can be tricky.
*Goes wild in the exersaucer for long periods of time.  It is hysterical.
*Had her first full fledged melt down on mother's day for no reason that we could figure out. 
*Has lucky parents that so few melt downs have taken place!!!!
*Goes to bed around 6:45 and sleeps 12hrs.

Weight:16 lbs 3 oz (52%)
Height: 26.5 inches (76%)
Head: 17.3 inches (90%)

A few of her professional 6 month pics:

Before Mother's Day brunch.

About to head to the farmer's market. Our favorite Saturday morning activity!

My 6 month pics, I seem to startle her...

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