Sunday, June 2, 2013

OKC & 7 Months

We took a little road trip to OKC the weekend before last.  The husband was going on a concert spree with his besty Scott.  I am pretty sure that is the exact language they would use to describe their friendship :)

I was very nervous about whether Brooke would sleep all night in a pack and play and nap, etc. However she was a rockstar and stayed completely on schedule. This allowed for mommy and Aunt Emmy to have lots of fun catching up over vino after 7pm!

Here are some cute pics from the trip:

Ready for the Sprinkler
Clara Lee, Brooke Olivia, Izzy 
Drying Off!
Laughing at Clara
She was completely entranced by Izzy! Adorable
Hanging out in the morning
This is her "My mommy is SO hilarious" face
Happy @ the OKC Zoo
Daddy's back!!!
First trip to Hideaway
Taking a 20 minute snooze on the drive back 
Happy girl talking to Momma the rest of the way home!

I got to eat breakfast with Grandma Gloria before going back to Texas.
The day we got home from OKC we got to meet up with some friends from California that we don't get to see too often anymore.  Brooke was so happy to meet sweet Owen Durr.  I hadn't seen him since he was 9 weeks old!  Such a sweet boy :)
Very Interested in mr. Owen
Handsome boy
7 Months!
*Has 2 bottom teeth
*Loves to roll over constantly, esp after her bath.
*Got HandFootMouth the day she turned 7 months :(
*Sleeps 12-13 hours at night and still takes 2-3 naps during the day, tends to drop the middle nap
*Loves watching other babies! Just takes it all in.
*Doesn't hold still for very long at a time.
*Will likely be a busy body...

Twins with mommy!

Tired girl after the Farmer's Market

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