Sunday, September 8, 2013

10 months

I am WAY behind with these updates.  Brooke is growing before my eyes and I am too busy keeping up to get it together and blog I guess!  She took 8 steps this weekend and we keep thinking she will be off and running soon.   Here is an up to date fact sheet for my lil' love.

10 Months

ALMOST walking!
Eating finger foods and pretty much anything/everything
Loves to talk
Likes to clap and wave
Almost has the sippy cup figured out, almost
Sleeps 12-13 hrs at night and takes 2-3 naps a day
Has 5 teeth and is working on a 6th!!
Loves to swing and giggles the entire time!
Hates getting her lotion after bath
Hates "no mam," but obeys most of the time
Likes to pat the dogs when they let her
Smiles REAL big when she sees mommy or daddy come in a room
Melts mommy and daddy's heart daily

Here are some 9 month pics from our friend Emmy :)  We just took them in her backyard one day.  
I think she could have a new profession!

Jarrod got this sweet close up after bath one night.  We were trying to get her teeth, but this is so much sweeter.  I love those big lips.

Hopefully, once we have finished moving and get settled in for Fall, I will be better at updating this blog.  Life is busy and blessed lately.  So Thankful for this little girl and all the love she brings us!

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