Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Okie Baby

Month 11 has been a big one!  
*No more bottles!
*No more formula!
*Moved to Ooooooklahoma
*Walks/runs everywhere
*No more baby food.
***HOW did my BABY get this big!!!!!!***

It has been a crazy, busy, and bittersweet month.  We started by saying goodbye to our friends in Texas and hello to our friends in Oklahoma.  I have been enjoying my time off with Brooke before starting work again next week.  We love our new neighborhood.  We found a huge park right around the corner that we can walk to and the weather is perfect.  We have already had lots of visitors and were lucky enough to have help unpacking and getting settled.  As hard as it was to move, it really feels like we have come home.  We are looking forward to the new chapter ahead with our big girl.  

big girl cup
Helping unpack...
Look who found her travel swing during the move.  Indoor swing!
Loving on her baby doll
Playing in my new backyard

Brooke's new house in Oklahoma

Our buddies Clara Lee and Izzy

6 Teeth and crazzzzy hair

Brooke had a little photo shoot for winning the mall contest in Plano.  I felt super silly for taking her, but now I am so glad I did b/c it will be neat to show her when she is bigger.

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Joyce said...

She's getting so big. Glad you are getting settled.