Friday, March 28, 2014

I guess I blinked too long...

Putting away baby clothes as your little one outgrows them is one of THE most emotional things to me.  I wish time could slow down sometimes because this little girl sure won't. In 1 month she will be a 1.5 years old.  I can barely believe it.  I am now shopping for toddler clothes and all things "baby" keep slipping further into the past.  I can't imagine having a better phase in my life than her infancy. We have been incredibly blessed by this little ball of energy.  I am excited to watch her grow.  Everyone tells you how fast it goes by, but I didn't want to believe it... 

37 weeks, a few days before her birthday!

Day 1

Week 1

Week 6 in Santa Fe

4 months

5 months

6 months

9 Months

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Tosha Weyhmiller said...

I CANNOT believe she is almost a year and a half! It does go WAY TOO FAST! She is so stinkin cute! I hope Brooke and Sophia will finally get to meet in May :) The pictures are seeing new posts!